A simple clipboard history

ClipBook stores everything you copy and lets you quickly access your clipboard history whenever you need it.

Download for Mac
macOS 14.0 or higher is recommended

clipboard history

Keep everything you copy today, yesterday, last week, or even months ago in your clipboard history.

Remove the items from the history if you don't need them anymore.

Clear the entire history any time.

Keyboard centric

Don't waste your time moving your hands away from your keyboard.

Press V to open your clipboard history.

Navigate through your clipboard history using .

Hit to paste selected item to the current active application.

Paste as plain text

Paste content without formatting.

Eliminate accidental formatting inconsistencies when copying and pasting text from different sources such as websites, PDFs, rich text editors, etc.

Don't show that the text was pasted from an external resource or document.

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Your clipboard history is securely stored on your computer and never leaves it.

ClipBook application preview panel

Full content preview

Quickly preview the full content of each item in your clipboard history to locate the right one before pasting it.

It will help you to verify the content and prevent mistakes that may occur when copying and pasting almost identical content.

It's all about time

Boost your productivity

You don't need to worry about losing previously copied content and having to re-copy information multiple times. Save time and reduce interruptions in your daily workflows. If you copy & paste frequently, this simple clipboard history app can make you more productive!

ClipBook application on desktop

Software Developers

Copy multiple code snippets, examples, API references, terminal commands, stack traces, or log messages to your clipboard history in a row and quickly access them when needed during development tasks.

Technical Writers

Quickly access all the copied documentation snippets, URLs, research notes, citations, ChatGPT suggestions, and references during your writing sessions. Write more in less time. Focus on producing high-quality documentation.

Support Agents

Keep standard responses for common issues, reference customer information or previous interactions. Quickly access the needed information during troubleshooting sessions. Reduce response time and provide more efficient support to customers.

Sales Representatives

Reference past conversations, agreements, product specifications, pricing details, shipping information, return policies, case studies, or customer testimonials during sales presentations or negotiations. Streamline your proposal creation process and increase sales effectiveness.


Store and access contracts, agreements, legal citations, standard clauses, statutes, boilerplate language, or case law excerpts during legal research. Minimize repetitive typing. Save time and improve your research process and accuracy.

Marketing Specialists

Remember and reference URLs, hashtags, subject lines, email templates, image captions, video links, blog post drafts, or your content ideas during content creating process. Improve efficiency, creativity, and effectiveness in your marketing efforts.


References frequently used color codes, hex values, or font names when creating designs. Store and retrieve texts, code snippets, CSS stylesheets, HTML templates, UI components from your clipboard history. Enhance your creativity and streamline the design process.


Copy information from various sources when conducting research for assignments or working on your academic tasks. Reduce distractions and focus more on your studies, rather than wasting time re-copying information.


Access all the copied articles, lecture notes, or worksheets from various sources when preparing lesson materials. Paste common comments and corrections when providing feedback to students.

It's free

Get it. Try it. Use it if you like it.

I hope you enjoy using ClipBook and it saves you a few hours each week. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me.

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Founder of ClipBook